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12-Pack CaCl Test Kit


12-Pack: Anhydrous Calcium Chloride Concrete Moisture Vapor Emission & PH (CaCl) 

Number of kits required: Three (3) kits for the first 1000 square feet, then one (1) kit for each additional 1000 square feet or fraction thereof.  ** Bulk Pack **



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12 Petri dishes containing anhydrous calcium chloride crystals with recording labels (item 1, right)

12 Dome lids with sealing edges (item 2)

24 pH test strips and 1 test strip chart

1 bottles of distilled water (item 4)

1 Tackcloths (for dust removal) (item 5)

1 Moisture Vapor Emission and pH Test Results form for recording details and calculating results (item 6)

1 Test Kit Guide (item 7)

Not included but necessary for Moisture Vapor Emission test: A gram scale






One kit, two important tests

Test 1: Moisture Vapor Emission

This test produces the quantitative value that indicates the rate of moisture vapor emission from below-grade, on-grade and above-grade (suspended) bare concrete floors. 
This test is not suitable to evaluate moisture vapor emitted by lightweight concrete floors containing lightweight aggregate.

This test should not be used to evaluate moisture vapor emissions over coatings, patching or leveling compounds or gypsum concrete.

Test 2: Surface pH

Produces the surface pH of the concrete slab to determine if it meets the recommendations of the flooring and/or adhesive manufacturer. The enclosed full-range strips measure 0-14 pH range in a single test with a 0.5 pH sensitivity.

Download the Full Spectrum Test Kit Guide (689KB PDF) here... 

Download the Full Spectrum Moisture Vapor Emission and pH Test Results worksheet (109KB PDF) here...

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